Business Electricity Prices

A new price comparator allows the best of light and Gas deals

Contract for the supply of Business Electricity Prices and gas on the open market is average for domestic consumers cheaper option, as it can be seen from the comparison that Tuesday has placed at the disposal of all users the National Commission of energy (CNE).

The CNMC has detected that in many cases, the hiring of gas and electricity supply offers is done without that consumer will understand all of the terms and conditions of the offer. So occasionally, you hire a service that not fits to your needs, in some cases, more expensive than it has already contracted.

This phenomenon may be more frequent in the case of sales at home. For this reason, the CNMC considers this type of recruitment should be avoided by the providers as a consumer protection measure. However, if you use this type of channels, companies should offer consumers an economic estimation of impact involving the new offer with respect to their current conditions, so this contract option that best suits your needs.

Start with a statistical issue. How many rates of free-market know that they are cheaper than the TUR?. Only one and checked it yesterday that got the Bill. All the people I know that they have changed to free-market rates paid more than the TUR and all had engaged with some of the companies which are obliged to give it TUR. This, not wanting to get into value judgments (leave you) is a fact.

From a logical point of view it has no sense to a company that is obliged to give a regulated tariff (TUR) and who complains that it does not cover costs and that generates deficit therefore propose cheaper than the TUR free market rates. In this sense my first answer to the question is correct in the light of the reality.